Kantar Worldpanel has released its latest numbers on US smartphone penetration just as IDC, Strategy Analytics are releasing numbers on smartphone shipments globally. In the US, with smartphone market penetration growing 10 percentage points since last year, much of that growth is attributed to Android as Apple’s share with iOS slips year-over-year.

The report puts Android at 57.6 percent of the US smartphone market as of March of this year. That’s up from 49.3 percent last year and compares to iOS with 35.9 percent marketshare this year down from 43.7 percent in March last year. Windows, BlackBerry, and the “Other” category pretty much remained flat, so the story here is that growth of the smartphone market in the US has also meant growth for Android and some of it at the expense of iOS. 

Between Q1 2013 and the first quarter of this year, spending on smartphones on contract dropped from $119 to $93, while pre-pay spend dropped from $187 to $148. As the operating system with the widest array of offerings in the market, both in terms of products and price points, Android achieved 57.6% of US smartphone sales for the quarter, an increase in share of 8.3 points from Q1 2013.

Almost mirroring a report from yesterday released by Research Analytics, IDC is out with a similar report today tracking global shipments by smartphone vendor. As was the case with Strategy Analytics’ numbers, Samsung remains the leader with approximately 30 percent market share in Q1 2014, while both Samsung and Apple experienced a slight drop from last year as Huawei, Lenovo, and others grow.

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4 Responses to “Android grows to almost 60% US smartphone marketshare in Q1 as iOS drops”

  1. charlesarthur says:

    “Market share” – here, sales share – is not the same as “installed base”.
    If you want to know what the *installed base* – since you talk about smartphone penetration (which is installed base, by implication) then you should look at ComScore’s data:
    which shows Android installed base at 52.2% and iOS at 41.4%. That’s share of smartphones in peoples’ hands.

    “so the story here is that growth of the smartphone market in the US has also meant growth for Android and some of it at the expense of iOS.”

    You don’t say what you mean by “growth”. Growth in installed base? ComScore’s data shows that both iOS and Android have grown their installed base in that time (the gap between them has slightly narrowed, rather than broadening as you seem to imply). Growth in sales? We don’t know if sales are up or down. Growth in proportion of sales? That has certainly increased in Android’s favour, but we don’t know if that growth has come from existing users buying upgrades, or what.

    While sales share matters for handset vendors, installed base is important too when talking about “growth”, and misinterpreting sales figures and calling them installed base by implication (“smartphone penetration”) is misleading.

  2. Alvin Smith says:

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  3. tijeladeacai says:

    It is happening….RIP iOS

  4. Sean Godsell says:

    When you take the 57.6% and 35.9%, that adds up to 93.5% of the total market. Leaving only 6.5% for Blackberry, WP, and the rest.