Chang Dong-hoon, Samsung’s head of mobile design, has stepped down from his position due to criticism of the Galaxy S5, according to Reuters. Chang will be replaced by the company’s current vice president of mobile design, Lee Min-hyouk. Lee joined Samsung’s executive team in 2010 after helping design the company’s Galaxy lineup.

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of Android devices in the world, and recently wrapped up a software patent lawsuit brought by Apple in which the Korean company was ordered to pay out just under $120 million for in which several Galaxy devices were found to infringe on Apple’s intellectual property.

Reviews of the Galaxy S5 called it an “evolution” of the previous design rather than a revolution, which some reviewers called a shortcoming. Others were unimpressed with the cheap feel of the plastic body. The company reportedly even filed a lawsuit against at least one publication that made negative comments about the phone’s camera.

Samsung has not confirmed that the less-than-stellar reviewers were the reason for Chang’s decision to resign, but it stands to reason that the company is looking for revolutionary new ideas for its next flagship device.

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7 Responses to “Samsung’s head of mobile design resigns, VP Lee Min-hyouk to replace”

  1. That idiot was trying to protect his lack of designing abilities in s5 design, i saw that post on Engadget and my comment was something like that, this guy know nothing about design, im happy i was right

  2. 120 billion ……….sounds a lot more than the jury verdict

  3. 120 billion, really? :-)

  4. You made a mistake in the article: they paid just under $120 million (not billion)

    • Zac Hall says:

      Fixed, thanks!

    • Samsung actually paid money? I thought they were on the hook for a lot more than that and they were still dragging out the lawsuit. How much does $120 MILLION work out to be per phone sold that infringed upon Apple’s patents. $.05 per phone?

      Either way, I couldn’t care less about who designs Samsung phones, only that they don’t copy cat Apple’s IP, like they are STILL doing.

  5. i like the idea of new design.. a new design in 5 years is more then welcome. and maybe my iPhone can finally see design competition ?