An unannounced Samsung device listed as SM-G900FG recently cleared the Bluetooth SIG’s certification, so what might it be? The current model of the Galaxy S5 carries the SM-G900F, which suggests that this mystery gadget could be the Google Play edition of the GS5. Adding support to this theory, last year’s Galaxy S4 was listed as GT-I9505, with it’s Google Play counterpart being referred to as GT-I9505G. So that “G” at the end of this foreign device really stands out.

Not too long ago, a picture of the GS5 temporarily replaced a photo of the Galaxy S4 Google Play edition in the Play Store, however it was eventually fixed. Last year Samsung and HTC released Google Play editions of their respective flagship smartphones. HTC has already released a Google Play edition of its new M8, so it’s logical that Samsung may do the same with the GS5 and we doubt that accidental picture change was a coincidence.

Google Play Edition devices typically sell at full price, with little to no bloatware. While it’s price tag might not be the most consumer-friendly, we already know that people are willing to spend a little cash to get rid of TouchWiz. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the Google Play just in case there happens to be any additional slip-ups.

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One Response to “Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition may have crept through Bluetooth certification”

  1. They should have lavished that kind of money into the product itself, so it wouldn’t be such a soporific update as it turned out to be.