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At its Unpacked event today, Samsung presented a brand new device, the Galaxy Note Edge. The Note Edge is based off of the iconic large-screen Note design, but adds a sharp curve to the side edge of the device. The screen wraps around as well. This makes a ‘screen lip’ which Samsung describes as a unique way of to access information. This curved section displays notifications, quick access buttons to apps and more ancillary features — completely separate from the main phone screen.

The curve of the screen means that the edge is visible even with a phone cover on, so it’s sort of a “quick peek” bay for the phone. Developers can extend the utility of the ‘edge’ with an SDK, which Samsung will be releasing soon.

The Galaxy Edge will be available in black and white in “select’ markets later this year.


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5 Responses to “Samsung shows off Galaxy Note Edge, with dramatically curved side screen”

  1. password92 says:

    …..Look guys I can squint to read a couple letters on this small curved portion of my screen that I’m always seeing first! Plus it makes 100% sense to only have this side curved!

    -Said No One Ever

  2. it looks “thick” in that top photo.
    and now not sure i like the look of the curved screen.
    could be nice but not sure about it.

    • Prasad Tiruvalluri says:

      It is not for you, then..

      • His statement simply states that he has reservations about the technology and the phone. I am pretty sure he is not alone in his opinions. He also said that “it could be nice, but not sure about it,” giving the impression that he is still open to liking the technology. Comments like this are exactly why people stay away from forums and have a negative view about posting.

      • sardonick says:

        Chad Patten….exactly. Well said.