Google announced on the Gmail blog this afternoon, the ability to use the multiple sign-in feature on their mobile Gmail site. Multiple sign-in is currently a feature many of us enjoy on our desktops, so it’s great to see it land on the mobile platform too. You can switch between multiple accounts at the bottom of the page.

A feature we really like is that you can have multiple bookmarks to sign-in to specific accounts. For instance, a “personal” bookmark can sign-in to your personal email and a “work” bookmark can sign-in to your work email.

Also made available on mobile Gmail is email signatures and auto-reply. Just like the iPhone, and many other devices, if you respond from mobile Gmail it can have the signature “Sent from Gmail mobile” if you so choose — you can also pick something else. Auto-reply, or vacation responder, will let people that email you know when you’ll be able to reply. Check it out on your iPhone or Android device!

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