As Jason Kincaid pointed out, Groklaw did a thorough post on the state of the Oracle Java suite. The short version: Oracle will be lucky to get $100 million let alone the $6 billion it was originally after.

Oracle has told the court it wishes to withdraw its last claim of the ‘476 patent, claim 14, no doubt having read Google’s letter to the judge asking for permission to file a motion for summary judgment of invalidity of claim 14. This is the last claim of that patent still in the case. The USPTO in December issued a final rejection of 17 of the 21 claims of this ‘476 patent, anyway, including all seven of the patent’s independent claims, and while Oracle has until February 20 to appeal, the handwriting is on the wall. Whatever it decides about an appeal, claim 14, and hence patent ‘476, is no longer in this litigation.

It is a long read, but the short is that Google has talented lawyers disassembling every one of Oracle’s claims bit by bit and proving there is little—if anything—legitimate.

Even if Oracle somehow gets the $100 million that is left over, there is no longer any concern for the fate of the Android platform.

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