Billed as ‘the lockscreen that learns,’ Cover is an Andoid app that notes which apps you use in which locations, and then puts the apps you’re most likely to need onto your lockscreen.

At home you might get weather, news, traffic and Twitter; at work, calendar, Google drive and LinkedIn; in the car, maps and music … 


Cover also allows you to ‘peek’ at the apps without opening them, for example swiping the calendar app to take a quick look at your day before allowing the view to spring back to the lockscreen.

There are a couple of issues. First, that ‘peek’ view isn’t idea from a privacy viewpoint, allowing anyone who picks up your phone to sneak a look at data from any of the lockscreen apps. Second, you don’t currently get to choose which apps are displayed where, you just have to let Cover give you its best guess (though that may change in the future).

The app isn’t yet available, but you can register for an invitation here.

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