A brand new Facebook test build is making its way into the wild and with it comes a flatter redesign. The boys at Android Police have a brief look at the redesign and its pretty easy at first glance to recognize that a lot has changed.

Whereas the design used to have *Status, Photo and Check In* buttons, we now see five icons for News Feed, Friend Requests, Status Updates, Notifications and the Menu. Given the redesign of Facebook’s Messenger app earlier this month, the new flatter style isn’t all that surprising. However,  this is still a test build so it’s entirely possible things will change before making way to the masses.

Android Police indicates that anyone not already in Facebook’s test build group can try to take the new style for a test drive…but there’s a caveat. The UI is said to be a server-side change, so Facebook does have control over who can have access. In other words, you can uninstall your current Facebook app and give this build a shot but your likelihood of success is up in the air.

There’s one mirror link provided below if you insist on giving the new Facebook a try and a second mirror link at the Android Police site.

AP Mirror #1

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