For a long time the many augmented reality apps we’ve seen in various stages of development for Google Glass have just been a concept, but we’re now starting to see more and more of these apps actually launch and become available for users. The latest is Layar, a slick augmented reality app for Glass that overlays visual data about a user’s surroundings and just became available in beta. 

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The company’s press release says the platform includes “200,000 Interactive Print pages and 6,000 location-based Geo Layers.” Those location-based Geo Layers are points of interest that can appear as you move around and, according to the company, include “local real restate listings, geotagged media like nearby photos and tweets, 3D art and more.”

“When we first got our hands on Google Glass last summer and installed Layar on it, we quickly realized that in order to provide a truly useful experience on Glass, we needed to radically rethink our UI and optimize our technology for this new platform,” says Layar CTO Dirk Groten. “We didn’t just port Layar to Glass, but put in a tremendous amount of effort to create a dedicated app that feels like a first-class citizen on Glass. I believe we’ve created one of the most amazing apps I’ve seen to date on Glass.”

The demo video of the app above speaks for itself, and the company is making the app available to download today for those that sign up for the beta.

(via TNW)

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