While the XE16 update brought KitKat and various other enhancements to Glass Explorers everywhere, it also carried a few nasty bugs that — among other things — could force devices into a boot loop. As such, Google issued XE16.2, which was supposed to fix these issues. Apparently it didn’t quite do that, as Google has today released the Glass XE17 update.

In the update’s release notes, Google notes that the update brings “reliability improvements: XE17 fixes some bugs that caused Glass to unexpectedly restart. Even more improvements are coming soon. Stay tuned.”

It’s a very small update for a full version jump, though Glass is still technically very much in beta. Additionally, Google is promising that future updates will include more features. Since the XE16 update, Google has been increasing the pace of development for Glass.

Hopefully XE17 finally fixes the bugs that the XE16 series of updates introduced.

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