Today, T-Mobile announced that its Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices will be making the jump to Android 4.4.3. Available now, these small software patches are rolling out to the carrier’s versions of Google’s latest purebred Android gadgets, but they can be installed manually if patience isn’t your strong suit. To start the update process, tap All Apps, Settings, About device and Software update. Once installed, your Nexus 5 should reflect software version KTU84M. If you’ve also invested in last year’s Nexus 7, just repeat the process and your tablet’s software version should display as KTU84L upon completion.

Not the fanciest update, Android, 4.4.3’s main focus appears to be squashing bugs that have been troubling Nexus owners for several months now. This includes: improved camera focus, issues with data dropping and random reboots. In addition to resolving some pesky technical hangups, T-Mobile’s changelog references some unknown — but welcomed security patches, because who doesn’t like being safe?

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