Earlier this year we told you that a number of additional cities were on the map for Google Fiber’s super high-speed Internet service including Portland, Oregon. Today, Portland’s City Council voted unanimously in approval of bringing Google’s gigabit Internet service to the area, The Oregonian┬áreports. While the Portland commissioners did deliver approval for Google Fiber’s terms of the deal, the report notes that Google will “decide by the end of the year” if it will deliver on servicing Portland…

“The company is evaluating local regulations, access to utility poles and regional topography to determine whether the network is technically and financially feasible.

City staff said Wednesday that Google would commit to spend at least $300 million in Portland alone to build the network, the first time a dollar figure has been put to the project.”

The Oregonian has an overview of the terms of the deal agreed upon today including Google Fiber’s TV service hosting the local PEG stations; three, free public WiFi networks and free Internet service to unspecified non-profits in exchange for a 3% “PEG fee” exemption; and free 5Mbps Internet for a $300 installation fee in supported neighborhoods.

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