While Glass was pretty much a no-show at Google’s I/O keynote, its explorers received a small treat today in the form of an over-the-air update. Software version XE18.3 introduces simplified paring that walks you through connecting Glass to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Hopefully, this will making things easier for people who are new to using Google’s wearable computer. As for you shutterbugs out there, you’ll be treated to a viewfinder that can be activated by saying “show viewfinder.” This much needed feature will display what Glass is seeing, making it much easier to frame pictures and videos.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, Glass now has its very own recovery mode. So if your $1,500 investment happens to crash or lockup, you can now access recovery mode and revive your distressed device. To enter recovery mode, turn off Glass, hold the camera button, then press the power button. Continue holding the power button down for around 10 seconds and Glass should go into recovery mode. You’ll then have the option to perform a normal reboot or a complete factory reset.

If you happen to be a Glass explorer and you’ve already pulled down this new software, be sure to let us know how it’s treating you.

(via Google)

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