Yesterday, Evleaks posted a photo of an alleged T-Mobile exclusive phablet device made by hardware manufacture ZTE. No specs had been leaked other than the lone photo…until today. T-MoNews this afternoon was able to get their hands on a partial purported spec sheet. According to the report, the device is being dubbed the ‘Olympia’, with a model number of ‘Z970’. It features a 6″ inch display of an unknown resolution, and an 8MP rear-facing camera capable of shooting in full 1080P, with a measly 0.9MP front-facing counterpart. The device is said to be running stock Android 4.4.2 aside from a few T-Mobile apps preinstalled. Although initial photos of the device show it featuring a metal chassis, the report claims ZTE is pulling a Samsung, coating plastic in a metal looking paint.

The rest of the device’s specs, such as its processor, RAM and price remain unknown, but those can go either way. T-Mobile and ZTE might launch the Olympia as a high-end, Galaxy Note 4 competitor, or leave the Note 4 in a realm of its own, launching the Olympia is a mid-range option for those interested in treading into phablet territory without dropping bottom dollar.

via T-MoNews

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