The latest enterprise market share data from Good Technology shows that Android gained five points from iOS, hitting almost a third of the market at 32 percent while iOS fell from 72 to 67 percent. Windows Phone remains flat (and irrelevant) at just 1 percent. (BlackBerry data is not included as the company uses its own servers and activations are invisible to Good Technology.)

What’s particularly impressive about the numbers is that Good’s technology mostly connects mobile devices to Exchange servers and organizations that use Google services for enterprise, which are more likely to Android, aren’t being counted here…


The enterprise market as a whole has grown 20 percent in the past quarter, and tablets are playing an increasingly important role, now accounting for 42 percent of all mobile device applications.

Document editing remains the most popular use of mobile devices in business, with instant messaging second and bespoke apps third. Financial services makes up almost a third of companies deploying mobile devices, with business & professional services taking second place at 23 percent, and insurance and manufacturing equal-third with 11 percent.

Android device activations jumped significantly quarter over quarter, increasing five percentage points to 32 percent of total activations, while iOS activations decreased that same amount and recorded 67 percent of total activations.

Apple is fighting hard to retain its lead, however, recently announcing a partnership with IBM to deploy mobile solutions within large enterprise clients. Google in turn announced a new Android for Work program to help unify personal and business apps and data.

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