Google today announced that the app promotion ads it first announced back in April are now available globally for search and YouTube. The search option will allow app developers to easily advertise with click-to-install ads in search that appear on both iOS and Android devices. Developers can even start deep linking to a specific pages within apps for users that already have an app installed:

Starting today, you can deep link users directly from Google Search into specific pages of apps they’ve already installed by signing up for the beta here. Customers like LINE, Zoopla and are already testing deep-linking with their apps. Here’s how it works: let’s say someone has the app installed on their phone and searches for “San Francisco Hotels” on; now they can go directly to the specific page in the app that shows listings for hotels in San Francisco.

Google is also rolling out app promotion ads on YouTube globally starting today: Starting today, you can showcase your app when people are watching their favorite videos using a new enhancement to TrueView ads.  With TrueView, advertisers can reach potential customers based on their interests, previously-watched videos and demographics. Start promoting your app on YouTube by simply linking your app’s ID to your TrueView campaigns.

Google has links to resources for the new features and more info here.

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