Google Fiber is about ready to launch in its third city, according to The Wall Street Journal. The service is apparently about 3 months behind original schedule, and sign ups will be launched this December focusing on the south and southeastern parts of the city. The company’s original announcement touted “mid-2014” for launch, but it looks like laying groundwork for a fiber internet service isn’t exactly an easy task.

Austin will be the third location to actually have Google Fiber ready to go, with the company saying that prices are going to very close (if not the same) to what we’ve seen before. In Kansas City, you can get an Internet + TV package for $120 a month, just fiber internet for $70 a month, or the option of a free internet service that just asks a $300 installation fee.

Sadly, Fiber has yet to really come to market as a true competitor to the cable lords, but each expansion of Google Fiber to a new city gets us just that much closer. Other companies in Austin have been pressured to offer Fiber of their own, and thankfully, cable internet prices in the city will probably get just a bit more competitive when people have the option for super high speeds at super low prices.

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