Upleaks has been the source of many accurate leaks this year, and today the anonymous person behind the account has come out on Twitter to “confirm” that the assumably plus-size HTC One M9 will indeed be called the “M9+” rather than the “M9 Plus”. Furthermore, correcting information that was shared previously, Upleaks now says that the device will be coming to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia as well.

As for a release timeline, Upleaks seems fairly confident that the HTC One M9+ will be coming at some point at the end of Q1 (which would mean late this month) or early Q2 (likely sometime in April). That seems like a pretty fast release considering HTC hasn’t mentioned this device at all yet. A larger-screened device to compete with Apple’s higher-end iPhone 6 Plus would be a pretty big deal.

HTC has a special event happening today at 9 AM PST, but it’s widely speculated to be focusing on the company’s new “Uh oh” protection plan for the HTC One M9. HTC has said that the announcement coming today is “BIG,” so maybe there’s more for us in store?



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