upleaks Stories August 31, 2015

Upleaks shares Moto 360S and Moto 360L screen & lug sizes ahead of IFA

The new Moto 360 — scheduled to be unveiled in just a few days — has seen plenty of leaks over the last few weeks. And now Upleaks is getting into the nitty gritty. According to a pair of recent tweets, we now know the dimensions of both devices’ screens and lug widths…

Apparently, the Moto 360 small (which has appropriately picked up the Moto 360S moniker) sports a 1.37-inch display and a 42mm body, as well as lugs to fit a 20mm band. The large variant, in turn referred to as the Moto 360L, has a 1.55-inch display, a 46mm body, and a 22mm band size.

Also, following several new leaked stock images of both devices this morning, as well as the newly-rumored Moto 360 Sport, Upleaks has now shared images of the back of the device. As you can see above, the watch is labeled as “Moto 360,” sports a pedometer, is IP67 water resistant, is made of stainless steel, and has wireless charging.

The one on the left is assumably the Moto 360S, while the one on the right is the larger model (I’m assuming these aren’t to scale). Hopefully Motorola decides to simply offer two sizes and doesn’t come anywhere close to attaching silly letters to their names. The branding looks to simply be “Moto 360,” and I have faith that that’s what they (both) will be called.

Shatterproof Motorola ‘Bounce’ smartphone leaks, purportedly coming in December

The Moto X Style and Moto X Play only just recently launched last month, but it doesn’t look like Motorola is anywhere close to done for the year. Besides the fact that a slew of Moto 360 announcements are expected for this wek at IFA Berlin, it appears that the Lenovo-owned company is also preparing another smartphone for sometime later this year. It’s purportedly called the Motorola “Bounce,” and it sports a shatterproof screen, and specs very similar to that of the recent Moto X line.

As you can see above, the phone definitely looks a lot like the Moto X Play. In terms of its specs, the phone is also not far off from what the company is already offering. According to Upleaks, the phone packs a 5.43″ QHD display, the Snapdragon 810 MSM8994 processor, storage options at 32 and 64 GB, 3 GB of RAM, a 21-megapixel main camera, a 5-megapixel front-facing shooter, and a 3760mAh battery. Also, the phone is purportedly shatterproof, perhaps why it’s called “Bounce”?

While more details are sure to come, we’re not quite sure at this point to which regions the phone will be coming. That said, if Upleaks is correct — which he/she very often is — the phone will be launching sometime in December of this year. We’ll keep you updated as more details make their way out.


The Moto 360 is set to get a complete refresh at IFA later this week, and up to this point we’ve only seen what look to be two variants of the device. There’s apparently a smaller watch and a larger watch (reportedly called Moto 360S and Moto 360L, respectively). Now, well-known leakster Upleaks is giving us a look at a “Sport” variant of the smartwatch, featuring bright colors and some kind of fitness tracking software on board… expand full story

upleaks Stories August 12, 2015

Both LG and Huawei Nexus phones rumored to share features, including USB Type-C, fingerprint sensor, more

Well-known leakster, Steve Hemmerstoffer has leaked further information regarding the upcoming purported Nexus devices. Using his OnLeaks account, he shared some detailed specifications an features of both the rumored smaller LG device and larger Huawei-made smartphone.

Information passed to Steve by his sources suggests that both phones will feature front-firing speakers, USB Type-C compatibility and a fingerprint sensor on the back. Although both are rumored to likely feature a metal chassis, the dimensions will be different. LG’s Nexus is purported to measure in at 9.8mm thick, 147mm tall and 73mm wide while the Huawei device is allegedly going to be 8.5mm thick and measure at around 12.5mm taller and 5mm wider than LG’s Pure Google phone.

upleaks Stories June 14, 2015



Maybe the smallest press render ever leaked?

The above image? That’s the latest Moto X 2015 leak, straight from the infamous Upleaks leakster himself (or herself?). Unlike most of Upleaks’ credible leaks, though, this one is a little bit on the small side as you can see. We have what looks to be a Moto X design with a metal band on the back, what might be an AT&T logo stamped on that metal strip, and what is assumably the company’s “Active Display” feature around front.

It’s nothing all too spectacular. But what makes this leak interesting is that it corroborates a much sketchier leak—so sketchy that we passed reporting on it—that has been making the rounds for the last few weeks. It comes from a guy by the name of TK Tech News, also known as Total Tech. He has a pretty bumpy history to say the least. But it looks like he might be right this time, as his leaks line up perfectly with what we’re now seeing from Upleaks.

So let’s take a look at what we might know about the next Moto X, given this new image… expand full story

upleaks Stories May 13, 2015

Galaxy S6 Active gets closer as it passes through FCC following leak

Following yesterday’s leak of images of an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Samsung’s ruggedized variant of its flagship Galaxy S line of smartphones, it looks like the device has received the FCC’s stamp of approval.

The model number SM-G890A was originally leaked by @upleaks and is highly suspected to be that of the Galaxy S6 Active, as AT&T’s Galaxy S5 Active had a model number of SM-G870A, and because @upleaks has a strong track record in the hardware-leaks department.

[protected-iframe id=”46dde559b6b90fc9d06bf62d7301e715-22427743-41205376″ info=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” class=”twitter-tweet”]

Samsung has offered a ruggedized variant to its flagship line of smartphones for several years now, and it looks like that will continue.

upleaks Stories March 29, 2015



At this point we’ve had several looks at HTC’s upcoming One E9+ handset, and—whether it intended to or not—the company has now quietly made the device official via its Chinese website. We saw the first leaks of the phone earlier this month via Chinese regulators, and then saw more images surface by way of famed phone leaker Upleaks. Most recently, Upleaks showed us renders that look almost identical to the ones now seen on HTC’s own website… expand full story

upleaks Stories March 28, 2015



We’ve been seeing a lot of leaked detaills about the HTC One E9 and (E9+) roll out lately, but now we’re getting yet another look at a phone being referred to as the HTC One M9+. HTC sent out invites for an April 8th event depicting a device that hasn’t been officially announced (which is assumed to be this “plus” version of the HTC One M9), but now Upleaks has come out with some new renders of the upcoming smartphone.

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upleaks Stories March 27, 2015



We’ve gotten a couple different looks at the HTC One E9 over the last week, but now Upleaks is at it again—this time with renders of what is purportedly the HTC One E9+. The device appears to come in three different color variants, including what looks to be brown/gold, black/silver, and gold/white.

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upleaks Stories March 24, 2015



Some images of the HTC One E9 appeared earlier this month thanks to a leak via Chinese regulators, showing a phone that sports a super-big camera on its rear and a 5.5-inch screen on its front. Hardware wise, Upleaks said earlier this month that the device will likely pack a 64-bit MediaTek processor, 32 GB of flash storage, 3 GB of RAM, a 20-megapixel main camera, and a couple different front shooter variants (either 13-megapixel or 4-megapixel “UltraPixel”). On the software side, it’s almost surely going to ship with Sense 7.0 (which launched alongside the HTC One M9).

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upleaks Stories March 18, 2015

Upleaks says HTC One ‘M9+’ coming ‘end of Q1 or early Q2’

Upleaks has been the source of many accurate leaks this year, and today the anonymous person behind the account has come out on Twitter to “confirm” that the assumably plus-size HTC One M9 will indeed be called the “M9+” rather than the “M9 Plus”. Furthermore, correcting information that was shared previously, Upleaks now says that the device will be coming to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia as well.

As for a release timeline, Upleaks seems fairly confident that the HTC One M9+ will be coming at some point at the end of Q1 (which would mean late this month) or early Q2 (likely sometime in April). That seems like a pretty fast release considering HTC hasn’t mentioned this device at all yet. A larger-screened device to compete with Apple’s higher-end iPhone 6 Plus would be a pretty big deal.

HTC has a special event happening today at 9 AM PST, but it’s widely speculated to be focusing on the company’s new “Uh oh” protection plan for the HTC One M9. HTC has said that the announcement coming today is “BIG,” so maybe there’s more for us in store?



upleaks Stories February 24, 2015


@upleaks (@upleaks) | Twitter 2015-02-24 11-14-54

The teases and leaks have gone into overdrive this week as the Mobile World Congress approaches, and now the familiar @upleaks Twitter account has shared some press renders that purportedly show the upcoming HTC One M9—with the “M9” name sans the parentheses as has been widely speculated.

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upleaks Stories December 4, 2014



HTC released its One (M8) flagship in March of this year, so we’re probably only a few months away from the Taiwanese company showing what it has up its sleeve for the next generation (being called the “M9” by some). Today, thanks to consistent leaker @upleaks, we’re being given an idea of what kind of power the smartphone is going to pack. And according to upleaks at least, the “M9” doesn’t exist; this particular phone is being codenamed “Hima.”

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