Google today has officially released Play Games Player Analytics to developers. In a post on the Android Developers Blog, Google announced that these new tools will allow for game developers to better track in-game player behavior and improve in-app business tactics and performance.

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Player Analytics will allow developers to set a daily in-app purchase revenue goal and track progress with a new Target vs Actual report. Player Analytics will also tell developers how their games are performing against other similar games in their same category. Next, developers are now able to track player retention with Player Analytics. A new Retention report will show developers what percentage of players continued to play their game for seven days following the app’s initial installation.

Player Analytics provide a deeper look into how users fair in playing a specific game. The new Player Progression Funnel shows specifically where players are struggling with a game. Google says that having access to this information will allow developers to ultimately improve player retention. Finally, a new Sources and Sinks report tells developers how quickly users are buying and earning in-app resources.

Play Games Player Analytics are accessible now via the new Google Play Developer Console for devs with games integrated with Play game services. More information is available on the official Android Developers Blog.

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