The Google app — previously known as “Search” — was updated to version 4.8 last week, and now a new teardown has revealed some interesting new details about some features that might be coming in future versions. Most notably, it looks like offline support for “OK, Google” is likely to be on the way, letting you give your device some voice commands without having a connection to the Internet…

The strings of code discovered in the app suggest that you’ll be given a pop up letting you know that you can still use “OK, Google” even if you’ve lost connection. You’ll still be able to touch the mic or say “OK, Google,” and the current list of supported voice commands include “Make a call,” “Send a text,” “Play some music,” and “Turn on Wi-Fi”. There will probably be more when this feature launches, but these are what is suggested now.

Offline Google Now is probably the most notable new feature here, but the teardown also revealed other tidbits about some incoming features. Some new strings have appeared that will warn you if you’re connected to an insecure network, there seems to be newly-added voice commands for adjusting the brightness of your device, and there are strings that seem to suggest that the Google app will at some point be able to shut down a Chromecast streaming session.

There is also evidence that Google might be adding some kind of support for “Local” maps, with a string that will be labeled as “Map of X,” as the “local_results_map_description”. There’s also a Google Maps app icon added as a new resource, along with some icons that might be used to show local gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, and attractions. There are also icons that are to be used for public transit features, a new Reminders shortcut, and other miscellaneous icons.

You can get the latest version of the Google app on the Play Store.

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