This is kind of humorous. At Amazon’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas last week, Amazon Web Services Vice President of Infrastructure Jerry Hunter accidentally showed a generic picture of one of Google’s data centers. This is the kind of minor mishap that usually goes completely unnoticed, but not this time. Google’s Urs Hölzle came out on Google+ late yesterday to point out the mistake, taking the opportunity to brag about Google Cloud Platform as “the world’s best infrastructure”…

Here’s the presentation slide in question:

google infra

It’s a bit amusing to say the least, but Jim Sherhart from Amazon marketing quickly replied to the post and took the blame upon himself. Here’s the full comment he made over on Google+:

This was my mistake. Because we have a lot of IP in our datacenters, we don’t typically show images of them in presentations. I just grabbed what I thought was a generic stock photo from Google Search since it had no branding, trademark, or meta identification. I’ve replaced the image in the presentation. Happy you guys were watching re:invent though :)

If you’d like to hop on and watch the AWS re:Invent keynote, you can do so over at Amazon’s website.


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