We’re all eager to discover when our smartphones of choice will finally receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update – and for OnePlus smartphone owners, it’ll mean waiting until the beginning of next year.

OnePlus announced on its forums this morning that it will be rolling out Marshmallow-based builds of Cyanogen OS for the OnePlus One and Oxygen OS for the OnePlus 2 at some point in Q1 2016.

With the OnePlus 2, the manufacturer will be switching its proprietary fingerprint sensor firmware out in favor of the standard Marshmallow ones when it rolls the Android 6.0-based software in early 2016.

The OnePlus 2 will also be updated in Q1, and the update will include the new standard Marshmallow API for the fingerprint sensor. We’ve heard requests for us creating an API for the current fingerprint implementation in OxygenOS, but have decided against this since we’re switching over to the standard Android M implementation soon.

Although the company has built a version of Oxygen OS for the OnePlus One, the company is rightly focussing on rolling out the officially-supported Cyanogen OS update first. As for the latest phone, the OnePlus X, there are plans to push Marshmallow ‘as soon as possible’, we don’t have any specific timeframe from the manufacturer.

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