According to a report out of The Information today, Google is working on three devices under the umbrella of Project Aura: the next iteration of Glass (dubbed Enterprise Edition, which we extensively detailed earlier this year), and two screenless head-mounted devices that rely on audio.

The report mentions that these two audio-based devices use bone conduction just like Google Glass, but notably go without the screen. They’re like “headphones worn on your face,” Jessica Lessin says. The team that’s building the new devices (one of which is reportedly for “sport” users) is targeting a release for next year…

As for the Enterprise Edition that Lessin mentions in her report, I first told you across several exclusive reports (later corroborated by The Wall Street Journal) that Google’s next move for Google Glass is into the enterpriseThat device will have improved hardware, a new physique and is coming to the workplace through the Glass for Work partner groups.

The device will have improved battery life, improved wireless connectivity (which we told you includes the addition of a 5 GHz WiFi band for video streaming applications), and better heat management (which is a result of the new chip). There’s also a Google-made external battery pack, which attaches to the device magnetically.

And as for consumer edition being about a year away: I exclusively reported that earlier this year too.

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