The race to allow us to rapidly charge our smartphones got a big boost last year when Qualcomm announced that the Quick Charge 3.0 tech in its Snapdragon 820 chip would allow a typical smartphone to be charged to 80% capacity in 30 minutes. Oppo is now claiming that you’ll be able to recharge some of its devices in just 15 minutes, reports Engadget.

Oppo says that’s about how much time it’ll take to charge a dead 2,500mAh battery to 100%, and that the technology will work over traditional MicroUSB and USB Type-C cables … 


The company first teased the tech last month after announcing its mid-tier F1 handset.

Huawei claimed a 5-minute charge time for a 3000mAh battery back in November of last year, but that was for a charge to 48% rather than 100%.

We’ll be interested to test Oppo’s claims in real-life conditions when the first devices appear later this year.


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