Chrome 49 for Android, which introduces improved background sync, new APIs, notifications for nearby smart beacons, and more, is today available to all users through Google’s public, stable release channel.

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We previously highlighted features of the release while it was still in beta. Chrome 49 for Android most notably includes improved background sync, better JavaScript performance, a new API for recording audio and video, and a long list of other features and enhancements for both users and developers.

Google said the latest version of Chrome’s V8 engine now has 91% support for a major update to JavaScript with the update, which allows developers to write code that is more powerful and memory efficient. In addition, the new MediaRecorder API allows sites to record audio and video without the need of another plugin like Flash.

We also noted recently that the Chrome 49 for Android release includes a new feature that notifies users of nearby smart beacons, a tie-in with its new beacon platform and Nearby API, just as Google announced plans to launch a new IoT research pilot.

Earlier this month Google released Chrome 49 for desktop users as well with releases for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The Chrome 49 for Android update, version 49.0.2623.91, will land in Google Play sometime today.

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