We told you earlier this year about the new “Jewel” and “Elegant” variants of the Huawei Watch made for women, but Android Police has now spotted a few unannounced variants of the watch on the company’s Chinese website…

The Jewel and Elegant watches announced earlier this year at CES come with sapphire coated glass and an “Italian leather” band — the former sporting a blue band and the latter sporting white. Other than the unique bands, the gold coated body, some special watch faces, and of course the zirconia on the Jewel model, these watches are identical to the original models.

Now, there appear to be three previously unseen models set to be available in China. As can be seen on Huawei’s China site at the time of this writing, there is now a brown-banded model with a bezel similar to the “Elegant” watch set to be available in the US, a version of the “Jewel” watch with a white band, and a completely new red-banded model with red zirconium on its bezel also similar in form factor to the “Jewel”.

It’s not clear yet whether or not these watches will be making their way to the United States, but we wouldn’t take their appearance on the site as a sign either way. After all, Huawei has a huge lineup of products in its home country, and the two watches that were announced for the US still haven’t launched yet — and your guess is as good as mine as to when they will.

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