During its fourth quarter earnings call this morning, John Chen, BlackBerry’s CEO, confirmed when we can expect Android Marshmallow to land on its first Google-powered smartphone. While many other manufacturers have already rolled out Android 6.0 to their customers, it seems BlackBerry PRIV owners will need to wait at least another month.

If you have a BlackBerry PRIV, you’ll be waiting until at least the end of this month before Marshmallow starts making its way to your smartphone. The update could arrive as late as May.

While it’s disappointing that BlackBerry hasn’t managed to get the Marshmallow update ready for launch yet, I still think the company’s custom software makes up for that somewhat. Unlike other Android OEMs, its additional UIs and features serve a purpose and make Android better in some regards.

Features like the Hub for managing notifications and schedules, and the Galaxy Edge-like extra features for quick actions on the right edge of the screen are super useful in day-to-day use. The software keyboard isn’t bad either.

With Marshmallow onboard, it’ll be interesting to see if BlackBerry tweaks and improves its customer software. Perhaps more interesting will be whether or not the company will opt to make use of the platform’s ability to adopt MicroSD card storage as internal memory, or whether it will join LG and Samsung is rebuffing it.

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