When the LG G5 launched at MWC in February, the Korean tech giant also unveiled a series of ‘friends’, or modules. These clip-on modules were designed to offer a unique experience of one kind or another. Whether you wanted a more traditional camera experience, better audio or VR, LG had the answer. One of the most promising ‘friends’ was the Hi-Fi Plus DAC unit, built through¬†collaboration with B&O. It offered much better quality audio.

If you’re in the US, however, it looks as though you might not even get the opportunity to order one…

Spotted by Android Authority, LG’s bespoke ‘Friends’ US page and the LG G5 overview page no longer reference the Hi-Fi Plus unit. As you can see in the header image, it’s no longer in the product lineup. Compare that to the UK page, where the Hi-Fi Plus is given second billing, next to the Tone Platinum headphones and CAM Plus.

In response to the discovery, LG simply stated that it has ‘nothing to share’ on release schedules for the DAC unit, and that it would follow up once it does.¬†What’s more, Korea, Canada and Puerto Rico markets will also be missing out on the module targeted at audiophiles.

While this doesn’t explicitly mean that the Hi-Fi Plus will never be available in the US, it doesn’t look good. If the B&O module was of high importance to the US market, LG would have presumably put every effort in to ensuring it was available right from the off.

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