After an OTA update last week, Galaxy S7  and S7 Edge owners on Verizon reported seeing a new “DT Ignite” service responsible for downloading carrier bloatware apps on their phones. Today, Verizon has an issued a statement clarifying the purposes of DT Ignite.

DT Ignite’s purpose and functionality has not chanced since its last appearance in 2014. It is responsible for installing carrier apps during the initial set-up of a device or after a factory reset. Verizon promises that no new or random apps will be installed after consumers update their phones to this latest software.

Furthermore, after set up, new apps will never be installed in the background. However, apps are still indeed added during the setup process. But the carrier notes that any app installed through DT Ignite can be completely uninstalled.

The full statement is below:

Customers who already have an S7 will not find new or random apps installed or pushed to their phone after the software update. The Digital Turbine (DT Ignite) software is only active during the initial set-up of a brand new device or if a device goes through a factory reset. Following the initial set up, the software will not push or install new apps at any time in the background. Any app installed through DT Ignite is completely removable and can be uninstalled.

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