Well-known leaker, Even Blass has produced yet another render of the next generation Moto G, this time it’s the regular model without a fingerprint sensor on the front panel. If accurate, it virtually confirms the previous speculation that this year’s G-series Moto phones will be available in regular and ‘Plus’ variants.

There has been plenty of speculation about Lenovo’s next Moto-branded budget smartphones over the past month or so, although details about the devices have been scarce. One rumor that has remained since the beginning is that, this year, we’ll see two different versions of the Moto G.

The ‘Plus’ model, as well as presumably being bigger and more powerful, will also feature the square fingerprint sensor on the chin. Other differences detailed in a recent spec leak suggest the G Plus will have more RAM, storage, higher pixel count on camera and both will feature NFC. Specifically, the regular model is touted as having 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and a 13MP camera. The G Plus is rumoured to have 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and a 16MP camera.

As for the regular model, shown in the leak above, it’s clear Lenovo is sticking with the minimal, plain design we’ve seen on almost every Moto phone so far. The front is a largely feature-less black surface with rounded corners. Its only slight flourish is the trim around the earpiece.¬†Apart from that, it seems we’re expecting another set of devices with an almost stock version of Android.

We’re not entirely sure when the new Moto G phones are being released. An event planned for May 17 in New Delhi, India¬†could be used to debut the devices, as could the Tech World 2016 event planned by Lenovo which is taking place in San Francisco next month. Either way, they’ll be introduced at some point over the next month, with a public release shortly afterwards.

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