Google has announced today that it is exploring the possibility of bringing its Fiber internet service to Dallas, TX, marking the third Texas city with potential, upcoming, or current Fiber service.

For the past three years, Texas has been a home to Google Fiber. Whether we’re connecting families and businesses to superfast Internet in Austin, or building over 4,000 miles of fiber in San Antonio, we’re working daily to boost speeds across the Lone Star state. And starting today, we’re exploring the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to Dallas as well.

Google says it is “working alongside Mayor Mike Rawlings and local leaders,” but the project is of course still “early days”. The company says that it will use its “Fiber checklist to learn more about local topography, existing infrastructure, and other factors that may impact construction,” and will “keep residents updated” as a decision is approached.

Earlier this year, San Antonio, Texas was upgraded from a potential Fiber city to an upcoming Fiber city, with the Mountain View company ramping up construction in the area. In March, Google became a triple play provider with new Fiber Phone service, and the company dropped its free basic tier in Kansas City a couple months ago, replacing it with a $50/m 100Mbps plan.

As someone who lives in the Dallas area, this is exciting news. I’ve been stuck on Verizon (now Frontier) for a couple years now, and would love to move my business over to Google’s network. $50 per month for 100 Mbps upload and download speeds would definitely be a win over the current $50 per month that I pay for about a third of that speed.

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