Google has a number of services that offer rewards for answering questions and sharing data about product usage. One of these, Screenwise Trends Panel, collects usage data to improve online products like YouTube, Chrome, and Android. Now, the service has been rebranded to the Cross Media Panel with a revamped and simplified design.

Cross Media Panel is not currently accepting new users, but works by downloading either a Chrome extension or a mobile app for Android and iOS. As part of the market research program, the apps collect data in the background about usage patterns related to Google products.

The revamp provides a simpler and richer overall experience with a new panelist portal providing quick access to relevant information, such as membership status and rewards balance. The portal is now also optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

There are now more redemption options, including an expanded set of merchants from which to redeem rewards. Additionally, wait times for e-Gift cards have been cut down from weeks to hours and a new interface makes choosing and redeeming easier.

The transition will take place over the next few weeks and current users will be notified when it has finished. Members can still use their current account credentials to log in. The old Cross Media Site will be deprecated shortly after.

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