VPN services can increase the security of your net connections when using public WiFi hotspots, as well as sometimes allow you to appear to be in a different country when accessing geo-limited services, but they usually cost money. Opera has today launched Free VPN, which is both free and unlimited …


“The Opera VPN app for Android sets itself apart from other VPNs by offering a completely free service­ without a data limit, no log­in required, advanced Wi­Fi protection features and no need for a subscription,” says Chris Houston, the president of Opera’s SurfEasy VPN division, in today’s announcement.

The app is designed to be be easy to use, operating automatically, so you don’t need to configure anything in your device’s settings. However, TechCrunch notes that it has ‘some pretty unintrusive ads.’ There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, as the saying goes …

Opera Free VPN is a free download from Google Play.

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