Over the past few years, Google has slowly been transitioning its apps and services to a material design UI. Now Google has applied these changes to the Goo.gl URL shortener. The new and improved appearance not only looks better, but it adds some better functionality to the service as well.

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Users can still easily see a list of links that they have previously shortened, sorted by date. You can also quickly see the total number of clicks each shortened link has received, copy the short URL, and you’ll also have access to an options menu. This offers the option to hide that URL, create a QR card based on it, and see further analytics.

The new analytics view shows referrers to that link, browsers used to access it, countries it has been accessed in, and platforms used to access it. You’ll also be able to see traffic spikes over time. This matches up closely with bit.ly’s new enhanced reporting.

This new UI scales to fit your display, both mobile & desktop, and should be available for all users now. Head over to Goo.gl to check it out for yourself.

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