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Google Corporate Stories January 2

A common critique of Google, and frankly most major multinational companies, is the reliance on loopholes to reduce international taxes. The same process occurred in 2016 with tax shelters saving Google at least $3.7 billion in taxation.

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Google Corporate Stories December 8, 2017

Googlers and donated $260 million to nonprofits in 2017

In light of hurricanes, attacks, and other disasters this year, Google has provided aid through donations and employee matching initiatives. In 2017, employees and the philanthropic arm gave $260 million to nonprofits.

Google Corporate Stories October 10, 2017

While Apple switching Siri and Spotlight to Google is beneficial for Search traffic, there is a notable business cost associated. Investors (via Bloomberg) are noticing and wary of the rising traffic acquisition costs from Google paying Apple and Android OEMs to use Search and other services.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Corporate Stories September 11, 2017

Back in June, the European Union wrapped up its seven-year antitrust investigation into Google Shopping with a $2.7 billion penalty. Unsurprisingly, Google challenged that fine today in a process that could ultimately take several years.

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Google Corporate Stories September 8, 2017

Over the past year, Google has been dealing with an accusation from the Department of Labor that its women employees are paid less than men. An investigation by the New York Times today, bolsters the U.S. Government’s claim with an analysis of pay data. Google has long denied the Labor Deparment claims and vehemently countered the Times today.

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Google Corporate Stories September 1, 2017

Nearly two years after the reorganization was announced, Waymo, Verily, and the “Other Bets” are now legally Alphabet subsidiaries. Before this, the companies were all technically considered subsidiaries of Google. However, thanks to a new XXVI holding company the structure revealed in 2015 will soon be in effect.

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