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October 2011 - July 2018

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Google Corporate Stories July 18

Google has been ordered to pay a record-breaking fine by the EU regulators over anti-trust violations relating to the pre-installation of the Chrome browser and associated Google Play Services on devices running Android. The fine may not even be the biggest punishment doled out by the EU today however…

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Google Corporate Stories June 28

After nine months without, Google hires new Global Head of Policy to work with governments

Since September, Google has not had a Global Head of Policy following a reshuffle of the team responsible for managing relations with governments around the world. Today, after numerous candidates, Google confirmed that it hired Karan Bhatia of GE and previously the Bush Administration.

Google Corporate Stories June 27

Google is well-known for maintaining an open company culture that encourages frank discussion and expression. It most recently played a role in the petition signed by over 4,000 Googlers to stop Project Maven. However, there are issues associated with that open atmosphere and Google last week established new rules for internal discussion and workplace conduct.

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Google Corporate Stories May 21

Last night on CBS, 60 Minutes aired a segment called “The Real Power of Google” which looked at anti-trust claims against Google from anti-competition experts and, of all companies, Yelp.

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Google Corporate Stories April 16

John Oliver calls out Google, Apple, and others over not paying corporate taxes [Video]

John Oliver, host of the irreverent HBO series, Last Week Tonight, called out a number of companies, including Google, about not paying corporate taxes in the US.

Google Corporate Stories April 9

Google to power Georgia data center w/ solar energy, breaks ground on new Alabama site

Just last week, Google announced that it purchased enough renewable energy in 2017 to match global usage from its data center and offices. Today, it is purchasing a significant amount of solar power for its Georgia cloud facility, while also breaking ground on a new site in Alabama.

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