Google‘s Tango is taking off. Following the firm’s announcement circa the series of forthcoming dedicated apps, a new blogpost is revealing a partnership with German car manufacturer BMW is set to bring AR models of its electric vehicles straight to your phone…

While videos, pictures and spec lists can help, there is nothing quite like actually seeing and experiencing a car in person. While it is sometimes possible to do so at a dealership, more often than not the available vehicles are not quite like the one a customer wishes to eventually buy.

Thanks to Tango’s AR features, however, BMW is now essentially able to put a fully-rendered 3D model of its i3 and i8 EVs right in front of you, in whatever combination of colors and machinery you want. The high-res model of the car will make you, of course, step inside it as well as around it, to give you a full idea of the vehicle.

Within the coming weeks,  you’ll be able to try the app as BMW’s Product Genuises can help you in select dealerships in the US, UK, Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, China and Japan. The Tango-compatible app will make its way to the Play Store some time later in the year for use outside of BMW dealerships.

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