Ahead of its MWC unveiling, we’re hearing a lot about Samsung’s new flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3. While the tablet looks to share quite a bit in common with its predecessor, it also seems to be bringing a couple of new things to the table, such as a new keyboard which has just leaked out.

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Infamous tipster¬†Evan Blass has tonight released a new press render of the Galaxy Tab S3, depicting the tablet in landscape mode, docked to what appears to be Samsung’s official keyboard accessory. It’s unclear how the keyboard will attach to the tablet, but at first glance, it closely resembles Apple’s “Smart¬†Keyboard” for the iPad Pro family. We haven’t heard anything about the Tab S3 bringing a pin connector like the iPad’s Smart Connector, so it seems likely that this keyboard will connect via Bluetooth.

The lockscreen also confirms an LTE option for the tablet, and also shows that the Samsung Notes application will be installed on the device. That app debuted on the Galaxy Note 7 and gives a little fuel to the fire with rumors that the Tab S3 will ship with an S-Pen.

Lastly, the render also hints at a potential release date of April 4th. In many cases, the date displayed on a press render lines up with the release date of a device, so it’s probably safe to assume that sales of the Tab S3 will kick off sometime around that date. Stay tuned, we should hear more about the Tab S3 this weekend out of MWC

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