Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Stories March 16, 2017

Samsung confirms Galaxy Tab S3 pre-orders for tomorrow, available March 24th for $599

Following its MWC 2017 announcement, Samsung has today confirmed details on when and where we’ll be able to get our hands on the company’s latest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Stories March 14, 2017

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 will cost $599 in the US, official keyboard $129

Following its reveal at MWC 2017, we’re getting surprisingly excited for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab S3 tablet. It packs what looks like a fantastic Android tablet experience into a sleek and premium build, but it does so at a cost…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Stories March 1, 2017


We know that Android, as it is right now, is a formidable smartphone OS. However, when stretched up to tablet sizes that go beyond 7 inches, things don’t really scale up gracefully. With its just-announced Tab S3, Samsung is trying to break that infamous spell, but I am honestly not sure whether it’ll be able to succeed…  expand full story

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Stories February 26, 2017


The Android world has been in a bit of a drought over the past year or two in regards to tablets. While we still get a handful of mid-range tablets from time to time, we rarely get any high-powered flagships. Today, though, Samsung is changing that — for now — with the debut of the Galaxy Tab S3.

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Watch the unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 tablet here [Livestream]

Samsung has long been the headliner of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, but this year the company is taking a step back from the limelight. Instead of using this venue to announce its latest and greatest Galaxy S8 flagship, the Korean company will be announcing the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet, and perhaps some other things…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Stories February 24, 2017


In just two days Samsung is going to reveal, not the Galaxy S8, but a new tablet ─ the Galaxy Tab S3. We’ve seen a handful of leaks of this new tablet over the past several days, but today, we’re getting a new look at the tablet that doesn’t leave much to the imagination…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Stories February 21, 2017

New render shows off the Galaxy Tab S3 with its official, iPad Pro-esque keyboard

Ahead of its MWC unveiling, we’re hearing a lot about Samsung’s new flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3. While the tablet looks to share quite a bit in common with its predecessor, it also seems to be bringing a couple of new things to the table, such as a new keyboard which has just leaked out.

New photos of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 show off what appears to be a glass back

Samsung’s high-end tablets are some of the best, and only good Android tablets on the market today. At MWC, we’re expecting Samsung to release the Galaxy Tab S3, as the company has teased a few times recently. Now, we’re getting a peek at what sets this device apart from its predecessor ─ the build.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Stories February 3, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 said to ship with an S Pen

We saw the full specs leak for Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Tab S3 tablet earlier this week, but there was one detail that the source of that information seems to have missed. According to the often-reliable-when-it-comes-to-Samsung SamMobile, the Galaxy Tab S3 is going to ship with one of Samsung’s S Pen styluses…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Stories January 31, 2017

Samsung teases Galaxy Tab S3 ahead of February 26th MWC event

Just this morning reports came out claiming that Samsung would announce its brand new Galaxy Tab S3 tablet at MWC, and tonight, Samsung has seemingly confirmed that with an invite that shows off a pretty familiar silhouette…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs, pricing leak ahead of alleged MWC reveal

There hasn’t been much news out of the tablet realm in the past several months when it comes to Android, but with MWC just around the corner, we’re expecting some big announcements both in the world of phones and in tablets. One of those is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3, and now we’ve got some new info on the tablet.

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