Google today announced that it’s forming a new strategic partnership with enterprise software company SAP to deliver its in-memory database SAP HANA among other solutions. The partnership offers Google Cloud Platform customers more scalability, brings new G Suite integrations, and more…

The gist here is that SAP is partnering with Google to offer its enterprise applications on Google Cloud, which is a big win for Google’s cloud business as its tries to compete with companies like Amazon. There will also be the combining of services from both companies, for example Gmail with SAP Cloud for Customer.

“SAP also plans to offer Google’s G Suite of business productivity apps including Gmail and Google Calendar to its own base of customers of more than 345,000 companies,” Reuters reports, “which includes nearly 90 percent of the world’s 2,000 biggest firms.”

You can read more about the partnership on the The Keyword:

Today, we’re announcing a new strategic partnership with SAP, focused on developing and integrating Google’s best cloud and machine learning solutions with SAP enterprise applications. This partnership, which includes certification of the in-memory database SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform(GCP), new G Suite integrations, Google’s machine learning capabilities, and data governance collaboration, offers Google Cloud, SAP and our customers more scope, scalability, and the exciting opportunity to create new products.

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