Google is continuing its development of Android Things with the latest preview of the platform. Released today, Developer Preview 3 finally adds the biggest feature request from developers, as well as more connectivity options over USB.

The development team noted back in February that it was actively working on bringing Bluetooth to the IoT platform. Finally with DP3, there is support for those existing Android APIs for both Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy.

Code for phones and other devices can run unmodified on Android Things, with features like Bluetooth LE advertisements and scanning and Bluetooth LE GATT working seamlessly. Google’s goal with the platform is to allow developers to easily make IoT devices with their existing knowledge of Android and its related services.

USB host in DP3 now allows Android Things to interface easily with custom USB devices without the need for root privileges or support from the Linux kernel. Similar to other connectivity methods, existing code supporting USB host will work natively.

Lastly, this version adds support for NXP’s Argon i.MX6UL platform. With the addition of Intel Joule in DP2, Android Things supports five IoT platforms in total. DP3 system images are now available for download and install.

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