Face swap applications caught on in a big way over the past year or so, and today Microsoft is jumping into that arena with a new option that ditches the biggest issue with all the others — it has no ads.

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While the name might suggest that this is yet another way to swap faces with another person, animal, or whatever else people are doing with these apps, Microsoft’s option uses facial recognition tech to do something that’s a bit different.

In this app, users will have the ability to take their face from any photo and move it into a completely different setting without any photo editing tools. Simply pick your photo, then use Bing (of course) to pick another setting that your face can be added to. That setting will need to include another face in it which the app will use to place your face into the setting.

The app uses advanced facial recognition technology which was developed by Microsoft’s Research with Bing’s image search. Everything was also developed through Microsoft’s “Garage” which is a lot like Google’s 20% projects. It’s a lot of impressive technology that seems to put out pretty solid results, but it’ll probably only be used to make funny pictures for social media at the end of the day, which was probably Microsoft’s intention anyway. Face Swap is available now on Google Play.

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