Back in October, Project Fi added group plans that are ideal for families and feature straightforward management tools. The Google MVNO is now simplifying the payment portion of shared plans with automatic share calculation, reminders, and simple repayment options.

The Project Fi app can now automatically calculate a user’s individual share based on individual total, fixed amount, and additional data only. Set by the owner of the plan, the latter is particularly ideal for kids and helps encourage sticking to a cap.

Meanwhile, both plan owners and members can set up monthly payment reminders that feature Google Wallet integration for sending and receiving payments.

Each reminder includes the amount requested/due and a “Send Money” button. In turn, the recipient can transfer the total to a debit card or checking account as part of Google Wallet.

Lastly, the payment history section of the app is now better suited for groups. Plan owners can view full payment history and status for the current month.

Group repay is beginning to rollout today and will be available to all Project Fi users by the end of the week.

As part of a limited time promotion, Project Fi is giving out $35 in free credit to cover a month of Fi Basics for both plan owners and newly added group members.

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