Even though Android Pay isn’t available for everyone, Google is definitely making a serious effort to make it great for those who are able to use it. That has included dozens of promos over the past couple of years with the latest being available in Australia.

The best gifts for Android users

This promo offers up prizes for doing typical actions within Android Pay. For example, if you add your first card to Android Pay, you’ll be eligible for a prize “envelope” every time you use that card for 30 days. The same applies for a card you’ve already added, but haven’t used.

There are nearly 200,000 prizes available with some totaling as much as $500. Prizes consist of digital gift cards from locations such as Rebel, Myer, Boost Juice, National Cinema, and the most widely available, Coles.

Each promo is limited to a 30-day period, and you’ll need to enter all prize “envelopes” before that period ends. You’ll only be able to redeem this once, but you can do so anytime between now and November 22nd. All prizes must be redeemed by December 21st. The full instructions are available here.

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