Samsung’s Bixby assistant is finally here for S8 and S8+ owners, but the biggest question surrounding the assistant has been regarding how it differs from the competition. Alongside today’s launch, Samsung aims to answer that for the general user with a new set of ads.

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Samsung’s major selling point for Bixby ahead of today has been that it can interact directly with the various applications on your phone and do things with them that Google Assistant and Siri can’t. That said, a lot of what Bixby can do is just like Google Assistant and Siri, and even that is highlighted in these ads.

Bixby can set, adjust, and cancel alarms, as well as checking the weather for various locations at various times. Samsung is quick to highlight in these videos that Bixby controls your alarms by actually opening up the clock app and adjusting things right where you can see them, but the “Hi Bixby” command will let you do all of that hands-free. Like Google Assistant, Bixby can also set contextually aware reminders and more.

The coolest part about Bixby is its ability to interact deeply with your operating system. As highlighted in one of the ads below, Samsung’s assistant can take a selfie on command, and then set that picture as your wallpaper if you choose to do so. It can even adjust various settings like the ringtone. Bixby is available now for Galaxy S8/S8+ owners in the United States.

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