At this point, LG is no longer trying to keep the V30 a secret. Between leaked photos and video of the phone and the company already talking about the handset’s new software, all there’s left to do is build hype for the new phone before its announcement at IFA.

LG’s latest attempt at doing just that is a behind the scenes look at the creation of the handset’s wallpapers…

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Although the LG V30’s stockpile of wallpapers hasn’t leaked out, we have gotten a glimpse at several different designs the company is working on. In fact, the wallpaper that was created in the video below just happens to be the one being displayed on a leaked render that showed up two days ago.

The video shows LG designers drafting up ideas for the flagship’s wallpapers, building plastic models of the V30 logo and shining lasers into them, and finally showing off the artwork ultimately destined to be a wallpaper through the design of the V30’s FullVision display.

As we approach the V30’s announcement, there’s a good chance that we’ll see the phone’s wallpapers leak out as there isn’t much else that could surface that we don’t already know. Regardless, we’ll be on the ground at IFA nearly next month to go hands-on with the device — so stay tuned.

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