Among other interesting software tricks, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also both pack the ability to launch Google Assistant with a quick squeeze of the phone itself. It’s a neat if gimmicky feature, and now the ability to remap it has been figured out.

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The app Button Mapper, available now on Google Play, can be used for a few tasks, but recently someone discovered a method that allows users to program the app to take over the “Active Edge” functionality.

To be clear, this is going to require a bit of effort to get working properly. You’re going to need to use ADB, and you’ll also be losing Assistant functionality to an extent.

XDA details how this works in full, but the short of it is to install and enable Button Mapper, hunt down the option for the Active Edge, and then you’ll need to hook up to a computer and run the script below:

adb shell sh /data/data/flar2.homebutton/

Once that is complete and the app has been restarted, you can select what app or functionality (camera, flashlight, etc) you’d like the Active Edge to launch.

Button Mapper does this similar to how we’ve seen some Bixby Button remapping apps do the same on the Galaxy S8. The app “listens” for when Assistant is about to be triggered and when that occurs, it opens the app you programmed. If you plan on giving this a shot, act fast, I don’t expect this to last too long…

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