Google is constantly working to improve Chrome OS for the better, and in a lot of cases that comes down to the little things. Recently, a lot of changes have been related to Android apps, and now, Google is making a change to notifications on Chrome OS to better suit those apps.

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Chrome Story recently discovered a change coming to Chrome OS notifications — in-line reply support. If you’ve been using Android apps with Chrome OS, you’ll likely notice that notifications delivered by Android apps look almost exactly the same as they do when on an Android device. Some things, though, are broken, in-line replies being one of those.

In current versions of Chrome OS, trying to use this functionality works until you actually hit the reply button, at which point the functionality simply stops working. Thankfully, it does look like Google is planning to fix this very soon, perhaps in a coming update to the developer channel.

Add notification inline reply support to Chrome OS.

This adds UI side support of notification inline reply to NotificationViewMD, which is a View framework notification implementation used in Chrome OS.

Several features are missing from this implementation. – Animation – Submit icon on the right side

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