OnePlus recently debuted the OnePlus 5T ‘Star Wars’ edition in India and select markets around the globe and, for good reason, fans are fascinated by it. Now, it’s been discovered that OnePlus has hidden a clever little Easter Egg in the box with the phone.

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First spotted by Android Central, there’s a “hologram” prism in the box with the OnePlus 5T “Star Wars” edition. But, you won’t find it without first being a clever codebreaker. A greeting card in the box which reveals the clue “scribble with pencil” when you look at the first letter of each line on the card. Once you perform that action, another clue is presented.

Find the secret compartment and check the weather forecast on Ahch-To.

Once you find the prism hidden in the box (it’s at the very bottom), you’ll then want to construct it according to the included instructions, and then head over to your phone. Once you open OnePlus’ weather application, do a search for “Ahch-To” (the planet Luke is on inĀ The Last Jedi), and you’ll see R2-D2 appear. When that happens, simply align the prism and suddenly, you’ll have a hologram message from everyone’s favorite droid.

This is certainly a fun little Easter Egg on this special edition of the phone, but unfortunately performing the same steps on a standard OnePlus 5T won’t produce the same results. Regardless, it’s a lot of fun.

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