Star Wars Stories November 19, 2019

Latest ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ poster makes a great Pixel wallpaper

The latest installment in the Star Wars franchise is set to hit theaters in almost exactly a month and, in preparation, trailers and posters are hitting the web. This afternoon, the latest poster for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has been released after some slight tweaks and it makes a killer wallpaper for Pixel devices.

Star Wars Stories November 18, 2019

The conclusion of the latest Star Wars trilogy is set to hit theaters in just a few weeks and, along with it, Samsung has a new offer. Starting in December, a special edition Galaxy Note 10+ bundle will be available with a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker theme.

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Star Wars Stories December 18, 2017

OnePlus recently debuted the OnePlus 5T ‘Star Wars’ edition in India and select markets around the globe and, for good reason, fans are fascinated by it. Now, it’s been discovered that OnePlus has hidden a clever little Easter Egg in the box with the phone.

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Star Wars Stories December 14, 2017

Star Wars is hitting theaters across the tonight (or tomorrow, officially), and if you’re anything like me, you waited a bit too long to buy your tickets and you’re stuck seeing it in the very front row on the far right side. Well, hopefully these Star Wars wallpapers pulled from the special edition OnePlus 5T will cheer you up before you severely strain your neck in the name of not waiting another 24 hours…

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Star Wars Stories December 11, 2017

OnePlus is giving away 10,000 tickets for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ in India

Last week OnePlus unveiled its first special edition phone with the OnePlus 5T “Star Wars” edition. The phone is limited to just a few regions, but the company is sweetening the deal for customers in India by offering up thousands of free movie tickets.

Star Wars Stories December 6, 2017

The limited edition ‘Star Wars’ OnePlus 5T is coming to three countries in Europe

Earlier this week OnePlus officially debuted a special, limited edition variant of its latest phone, the OnePlus 5T. This new “Star Wars” edition device debuted exclusively in India, but it’s now expanding to a few more countries.

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